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«01» June 2021 г.

1. The policy of email notification and advertising information ( hereinafter– Newsletter policy) is accepted by Individual entrepreneur Sukhoguzova Alina Aleksandrovna, TIN 121635337678, ОGRN 318500700013503, 385792, Adygea Republic, Maykop district, Dakhovskaya stanitsa, Vostochnaya street, house 8, hereinafter «Site Administration», for informing of any person who is using the site located at: (hereinafter – the Site), and hereinafter the User, about the Site Policy Newsletter of different types of notifications and advertising messages concerning the User.

2. The Site Administration has respect to the right of the User to get only messages, to which he has expressed his consent.

3. The Site Administration sends messages exclusively voluntarily and also makes every effort to ensure that the interaction between the User and the Site is as convenient and confidential as possible.

4. The Site Administration is very attentive to the problem of mass advertising messages (hereinafter referred to as Spam). With the growing number of mobile phone and smartphone users, Spam has begun to cause significant damage to the entire community of Internet users. In this regard, the Site Administration has taken the following measures to combat spam:

4.1 Including to each text message reliable identification information about the Site Administration;

5. The policy of email notification has only information meaning and it is not the public offer,
determined by applicable law.

6. All terms used in this Newsletter Policy are interpreted by the User Agreement posted and available on the Site unless otherwise specified in this Newsletter Policy.

Individual entrepreneur Sukhoguzova Alina Aleksandrovna

TIN 121635337678
ОGRN 318500700013503
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