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Manual labor can be replaced with a machine?! Really?!
"When you buy a handmade item, you get a piece of the artist's heart with it."
Wonderful words, don't you think so? And why then do so many people devalue the handwork?
It is believed that if a person has made a thing with his own hands, then it is "not difficult", "he likes it", "it should be CHEAP", etc. Better yet, this thing does not sink in water, does not burn in a fire, be the only thing on the planet and cost a penny! Well, does it hurt to try?
But very few people think of how much time, effort, attempts and mistakes the artist spent on his product! For some people, to produce something it takes not just months, but whole years! Therefore, such things are priceless, because they are made from the heart and with the hope that they will bring only joy!
The production of Garti cutting boards is 90% manual labor. Only 10% is done by the machines and special equipment.
Now let's first define the concept:
Manual labor is labor when sustained physical efforts are made and some simple tools are used.
In our case, such a tool is a hand power sander, not a whale-sized machine, as some people think. But we did not confine the analysis of this term, we decided to go further and conducted an experiment.
One board was made on the machine, without manual intervention. And the other one - in the usual mode with manual handling. In the first case, the board turned out to be matte, and in the second - with the usual gloss.
With this experiment, we wanted to show that your favorite Garti boards will not work without manual handling. Our craftsmen spend a lot of time and effort to achieve the final result that will delight you. After all, Pinocchio was also an ordinary piece of wood at first.
That is why, every time with a smile on our faces, we carefully pack our board sets and send them to you, knowing that they will be appreciated.
With love, your Garti!
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