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Choosing cutting boards: stone, glass, plastic or wood?
It is not a secret that the cutting board is the boss of the entire kitchen. All dishes pass through it one way or another. Therefore, you should be accountable while choosing the right cutting board!
Let's compare cutting boards made of an artificial stone with boards made of traditional materials?
So what do we have?

Wood cutting board:

Swells over time and loses shape on contact with water
Good odor absorption
"A paradise" for bacteria and mold

Plastic cutting board:

The knife leaves not just traces, but deep Scratches!
After 3-4 months, such a board wears out a lot.
Impurities are not completely washed out, so you can say hello to bacteria and food poisoning.
Plastic is not subject to proper recycling, which is harmful to the environment.

Glass cutting board:

The first thing that comes to mind is the sound when cutting ... Brrr ... Gruesome!
Knives becomes blunt very quickly, do you really need it?
One wrong move and the board is broken (and it's better be hidden from children)

Artificial stone cutting board:

Natural material
Beautiful design
Doesn't blunt knives
Does not absorb odors, tastes, moisture
Keeps bacteria out
Easy to clean and does not lose shape
Serves up to 15 years
Yes, the traces of the knife still remain, but they are not deep. And if you do as we advise: cook on the working side, and leave the front side for the decor, then it's great!

Here is a small comparative analysis. We hope you will find it helpful when choosing the right cutting board.
With Care for You, Garti!
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