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How to understand that the order can already be picked up?
Imagine that you have finally made your dream come true and ordered the cherished Garti set. So you have agreed with the manager on the last details by phone or in correspondence, but what is next?
How to understand that an order has been placed? When will it be sent? How to track it? Where will they deliver it? And a million other questions that bring you to panic. The main thing here is calmness. You do not need to write or call us every day to find out about the status of your order, because we take care of it ourselves.
After clarifying the details of the order with the manager, you will receive 3 SMS from us:

  • About your ordering (the sum, phone number for communication)
  • Track number and the link to the site for tracking the parcel
  • Courier / pick-up point address

If delivery is carried out using CDEK, then they will also remind of themselves:
  • They will call you to clarify the time (if it is the door-to door delivery held by courier)
  • Send SMS / Viber message (if it is delivery to the pick-up point)

Even in spite of all the automatics, we always stay in touch and are ready to help you!
You can always contact us in any way convenient for you and get answers to your questions.
With Care for You, Garti!

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