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The reverse of the coin, or why is it better not to save?
Today we will give a vivid example of what happens when you hurry up while purchasing.
One girl really wanted to buy our cutting boards. But in order to save money, she ordered such a faceless set of boards elsewhere. The result is complete disappointment and a desire to turn back time.
Note the fact that this set cost her about 5,000 rubles, including delivery.
The difference with Garti is about 2000 rubles, and we also have free delivery.
But most of all, that girl was upset by the ill-conceived design of the cutting boards themselves and the stand.
Sharp corners, a thin handle that can crack at any time, a bulky stand.
The presence of a logo also plays an important role; do you agree? Here you can see two "identical" (according to some) sets. The contrast is evident!
That is why, we ask you NOT TO HURRY if you want exactly our boards, but for some reason cannot order them yet!
Otherwise, you will get such an expectation / reality in addition to a spoiled mood. You can always write to us, find out about discounts, or maybe you even have a promotional code! We are always happy to answer all your questions!
With Care for You, Garti!
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