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One or two? Let's get this over!
They say that everything in this world has a date. Because it's not so interesting to live alone. Even trees sometimes intertwine their branches with each other. Probably they feel calmer in such a way ...
And by the way, what's the point?...
Once we were reproached: "If your boards are so universal and incomparable, then why to make the sets of two?"
At first glance, it's quite a logical remark, how do you think?
But you and I will always get to the truth, so we will consider the situation from the other side.
Let's say you have purchased one large Garti board. There is no limit to happiness, every day is like a holiday. BUT! Over time, you begin to realize that it is a little inconvenient to take a large cutting board every time for slicing cheese or fruit.
In the case of choosing a small board, on the contrary, there may simply not be enough space for cutting meat or fish.
That is why we recommend purchasing our boards in pairs.
So you always have a small version at hand for quick cutting of medium-sized products and a large version for large ones.
For this reason, always listen to yourself and your feelings, but better ask yourself the question: "Whether one board will be enough for me?"
With Care for You, Garti!
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