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Do you pay our rent?
Many people wrongly think that the final price of a product is made up not only of the material and labor expended. They also add rent, advertising, etc. That is why, the question often arises "Why should I pay for this?" And you shouldn't. Using the example of Garti, we want to show you what the price of your favorite boards consists of.
The final cost includes:
  • The material itself - an artificial stone
  • Tools - latest generation power sander
  • Abrasives - only quality materials for surface treatment
  • Manual labor - we have already talked about this

Does NOT include:

  • Packaging - scotch tape, kraft paper, plastic wrap, etc.
  • Branded box
  • Rent
  • Garbage removal
  • Advertising
  • Electricity

All such expenses are borne by our company and do not affect the cost of the boards in any way.
We decided to write this article to make you sure that apart from the product, you are not paying our rent.
Here is such a simple arithmetic, our friends!
So, you can start choosing the perfect board with a light heart and become its happy owner!
With Care for You, Garti!
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