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Is it dangerous to purchase on the internet?
Recently we received feedback from one of our customers. Obviously, she was delighted (we certainly don't have any self-confidence issues apparently). And as usual, we warned that it is better to use the downside for cooking, and leave the glossy side to preserve the aesthetic appearance.
Seemingly what's the big deal? But after that, the girl shared a story about how she ordered a gift for her son, and she received a package with a "surprise". Instead of the gift, the box contained emptiness and crumpled paper for the volume. That's it. It's not that sad, it's just proves that such people do not have enough conscience! After this kind of situations, people have the opinion that order something from the Internet is dangerous!
That is why we do not only allow, but also strongly advise you to check your orders right at the pick-up points or in front of the courier, in order to be calm. It will not take much time, but it will deprive you of worries and panic.
We take care of our clients and do everything to make you comfortable, ranging from the choice of the product to the operation of our boards.
With love, your Garti!
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