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How to make a present being at a distance?
Sometimes, to make a gift to a loved one, it is enough to be connected to the Internet.
You can be in different cities, countries, continents and make a surprise for someone at any time.
Thanks to online shopping for this.
Hence, if a person important to you has a holiday or you just want to please him, but you are far from each other, then it is not a problem.
You can order a set of boards in our company and we will deliver it straight to the necessary address, and you just have to wait for the recipient's reaction.
How does this happen?

  • You choose a board or the set of boards
  • Make an order with our manager, go over the details
  • You pay for the order through the online cash register
  • The service sends you a check by email
  • Done!

Upon receipt of the parcel, the invoice will indicate the cost of "0 rubles", so do not worry, we have provided everything!

Also, we have a service for festive packaging of boards.
That is why, if you want not only to make a surprise to the closest person, but also to present it festively, then we know how to arrange it!
So, wherever you are, we are always happy to help you make the best gift!

With Care for You, Garti!
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