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All our boards are different from each other ... Did you know?
You cannot enter the same river twice.
And also there are no snowflakes with the same pattern.
And the artist will never paint two identical pictures. The technique is one, but the strokes and shades will be different.
This is the most beautiful art!
So where is this going?
To the fact that the drawing on a large and small board may differ. Somewhere it's more visible, but somewhere it's subtle.
Just like two snowflakes. Both are beautiful despite the different patterns.
BUT! There is something we can guarantee you.
The direction of the pattern (in our case it's vertical) on both boards will always be the same!
Just imagine: on a large board, marble streaks are vertical, and on a small one - horizontal.
This is unaesthetic and, in our opinion, somehow wrong. Even an eye started to twitch.
But we didn't stop there and decided to go further to male you happy!
In our collections "Geo", "Dalmatian", "Marble" and " The Sahara Sands" we have added an accent ...
The pattern (not the direction) on each side of the boards is slightly different from each other, adding variety and, some sort of the novel effect.
So, becoming the happy owners of Garti cutting boards, you get not only reliable assistants, but also a real work of art!
With Love, your Garti.
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