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Stop putting your wishes away for later!
How often do we drown out our inner impulses? Whether it's the desire to say "Yes" instead of "No" or the sudden need for this particular red coat, although it's summer outside.
We can find thousands of unnecessary reasons to do something not like we really want it to be done. And then we torment ourselves with doubts, "Did I do it right?"
And it also happens that after a while you collect your thoughts and decide.
In a good mood you fly to the store, and the mannequin, where this red coat should be, is empty.
And you see the "SOLD OUT " sign.
After that you start kicking yourself: "I should have bought it right away! How can that be!".
We are sure that many of you recognized yourself in this situation. Welcome to my world!
Therefore, it is better sometimes to listen to your true desires, don't put them away for later and live happily.
You want this coat! Yes, it's out of season. Yes, this is not an urgent purchase. Yet, why it's not urgent? And how! Go and buy it. Then with the excitement you will look forward to putting it on and lighting with pleasure.
The same is with our cutting boards. Someone puts off the purchase, then suffers.
The only difference is that we don't have a "SOLD OUT" sign. We have everything in stock and we are ready to make your dream come true at any time! It's time to carry out your wishes!
With love, Garti
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