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Kitchen boards with the unique taste preservation technology
About your favorite GARTI cutting boards!
Garti boards are not just an item in your kitchen.
They are reliable assistants that make your life more comfortable and brighter.
They do not absorb tastes, do not mix odors.
Knife marks are hardly visible, but the bacteria do not accumulate in them.
You have filleted a fish, haven't you?! Rinse the board with water and you can cut the fruit.
Simple, hygienic, convenient.
Garti cutting boards will work for you you at least 15 years, which is a little more than 50,000 cooked meals.
They would also be the perfect decoration for your kitchen. Just give it a try!
When starting a renovation, remember - the kitchen starts with Garti.
Chefs and bloggers assessed the merits of GARTI cutting boards
— I am satisfied with the quality of the Garti boards. The product care is simple – you just need to wash it with water and that's it. It is also a high-quality gift. I wish every hostess had such cool accessories
The chef and the founder of the Chelentano bar restaurant chain Akhmed Gedygushev
Hundreds of chefs have appreciated GARTI boards
In fact, I started using these cutting boards a long time ago. Mostly because they are environmentally friendly and safe, which is very important for my children. They do not accumulate food particles, that is why there is no bacterial growth. And the product care is easier than ever! I love that you can put them in the dishwasher or just wipe them with a washcloth.

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    Хьюстон | США
    I really dreamed of them for a long time. I am excited! And everyone envies me and wants them too. My friend has said they are expensive, but still she will certainly buy. So it will be a delayed purchase.
    Your cutting boards are just wonderful! I ordered them at the beginning of 2018 and to this day they serve me faithfully! They are excellent!!! Yes, there are scratches, of course, but there are much more advantages!!! Boards do not absorb odors, they are easy to clean and really durable! And aesthetically they look very pretty, which is also important)
    I haven't opened it yet. Thank you for your support, I am very grateful. Firstly, I was very upset, because according to my data it says "sent back". Thanks again! And all the best to you!
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    FREE guide
    «HOW to choose cutting boards for the kitchen» — specially for new customers!
    When placing an order, you will receive a long-awaited set of boards in a branded craft box with the logo and the motto of the company. It is ideal for a gift; you don't even need a bow! And all because we care about you!
    With love, Garti
    How to place an order?
    We can offer you two options:
    • Put the order in the cart, indicate the required quantity, fill in the address and choose a payment method.
    • Leave your contact information in the feedback form (phone number, email). Our manager will contact you in the short term.
    Is the same-day delivery possible?
    Yes, this service is available in Moscow and the Moscow region. If you are interested in this delivery method, leave your contact information and our manager will contact you to clarify the details.
    What is the warranty and service life of Garti boards?
    The warranty period is 1 year, and the service life of the board reaches 15 years or more.
    More detailed information on the warranty claims is provided in the operating instructions after placing and receiving the order.
    How to take care of your boards?
    First of all, we recommend using the front side to keep its gloss and a perfect look, and the downside for cutting. This way your boards will always be as good as new.
    We DO NOT recommend you to crack nuts, butter, ice on the boards, beat meat, and also use them as a stand for hot dishes, because in case of improper use, the appearance of the scratches, cracks and surface deformation are possible.
    Do the food stains and odors remain on the boards?
    No. Garti boards do not absorb odors and tastes, so you can use the same board to cut fruit and meat.
    Coloring products such as beets or carrots can leave some stains on the boards, but that's okay. It is enough to rinse it under the water jet immediately or use a gel cleanser afterwards. And the best thing is to entrust everything to the dishwasher (in the heat treatment mode).
    Do the cuts remain on the boards or do the knives become blunt?
    Yes. Traces remain as the board material is softer than a knife blade. And this is absolutely normal!
    Therefore, we recommend using the front side to maintain an aesthetic appearance and the downside for cutting.
    Also, you don't have to worry about your knives become blunt. With Garti boards, you won't sharpen the knives more often than while using the boards made of traditional materials.
    Can boards break?
    During the work of our company, there were no such cases. An artificial stone manufacturer even conducted an experiment: he threw a board from a height of 2 meters onto a concrete floor. During the test, no boards were damaged, but we still recommend you to use it for designated purpose.
    Do you have any discounts and how can I get them?
    If you want to get a discount or you have a promotional code, then you can leave your contact information in the feedback form or call us. Our manager will contact you in short terms to clarify the details.
    What if the recipient is not in the place?
    You can entrust the receipt of the parcel to your relatives, neighbors or the concierge.
    You can always agree on the delivery with the courier choosing another time. Please do not cancel your order. The courier service will just reschedule the delivery to any other day convenient to you.
    Is it possible to exchange goods if a defect is found?
    Only if finding a manufacturing defect on the board, then please write or call us. After that our company will send you a new product to replace the defective one at our own expense, as soon as possible.
    Exchange is possible only after you provide supporting materials on the existence of the defect and its nature.

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